SCR888 Malaysia

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SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia has a long operating history in the Malaysian online casino scene. It is usually found at kiosk-based casinos (or "Kedai Mesin" in Bahasa Malaysia), where users sit in front of a kiosk/PC to play the game.

SCR888 Online has now transformed from a kiosk-based casino game application to a mobile-based online betting software. It is considered as one of the hottest online betting products of today, with more than 100 online slot games available.

In Malaysia, there are a range of mobile slot games that are in the favour of the majority of casino game players. You can find most of these popular slot games in SCR888:

Monkey Thunderbolt


Monkey Thunderbolt is one of the most popular slot games in SCR888 Malaysia. The theme of this game is about 6 monkeys racing to the top on a rope. The first monkey that reaches to the top of its rope in the fastest time WINS!

Players can place their bets on any 1 of the 6 monkeys. Players can also wager on runner-ups and third place.

Highway Kings


Highway Kings tends to be one of the easiest-to-win slot games around the world. It was first developed by Playtech. For SCR888’s Highway Kings, one would find it even easier to get free bonus spins and 5-of-a-kind.



Wukong (also known as Monkey Story Plus) is believed to be one of the most played multiplayer slot games in Malaysia. Nowadays, players would rather play Wukong on mobile phones than land-based kiosk. Despite limitation in terms of available screen size, SCR888 still gets to maintain the graphic quality in terms of game layout.

Dolphin Reef


SCR888 has upgraded the game design of Dolphin Reef, bringing an even more classic feel to reward all its fans. Accompanied with high winning rate in slot games, you always stand higher chances to win big from SCR888!

Great Blue


Great Blue is another well-known masterpiece by Playtech. Most people are highly familiar with its free bonus games with mini games to determine the number of free spins as well as winning multiplier.

Download SCR888

Download SCR888

SCR888 Casino works on both Android and iOS operating systems, allowing casino players to play exciting online slot games by just using their mobile phones. To enjoy all these mobile slot games, all you need to do is just download the game application on your Android or IOS mobile devices.

Now you can play SCR888 mobile slot games as much as you want without any boundaries!